Everything in the universe owes its existence to sound. Since the dawn of time human beings have used their voices to cymatically alter the world around them, speaking ideas into existence, praying rain, calling in a good hunt, and more. The power of the human spirit coupled with the enchanting nature of the voice to alter the world through vibrations and tones is a power untapped by modern man...until now. The Tü Hawks are a modern reflection of this primal mechanism. Standing before the throne of the great mystery with one voice chanting the world of our dreams into existence, the Tü Hawks performance is more a collective tribal experience than a “performance.” It is a fusion of modern electronic dance music with the voice of ancient wisdom traditions whereby the audience along with the Tü Hawks enter into an altered state together, chant together, dance together and collectively express the will of creation through one voice as one people. At home on the dance floor in urban clubs as well as ancient sacred sites, and forest festivals around the globe the Tü Hawks are taking the world by storm. They are riders on the storm, messengers from the other side, and like the messengers of old, they are a force of nature destined to alter the course of human civilization. With hard driving electronic beats fused with tribal drums and ancestral voices, the Tü Hawks fronted by Xavier Hawk and Hawk Stillwind unify the forces of creation carried by each individual in attendance and weave their stories, their desires, and their passions together into a vision of the future that reflects the true values of divine humanity. This is no simple band. This is a freedom movement, and the song of the earth will be heard, felt, and expressed through the people of earth and the music, and it will rock you.